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Vini Bianchi

House White Wine (Abruzzo) 11.5% £13.90
Pale yellow in colour. Light and crisp with flavours of lemon sherbert, melon and grapefruit with a hint of almonds. A nice easy drinking wine.
By the glass
(125ml) £3.00
(175ml) £3.40
(250ml) £4.90

Moscato d’Asti (Piemonte) 5.5% £16.90
This gently sweet and naturally light in alcohol wine has delicate, fresh grapey aromas and flavours.

Grillo (sicilia) 12% £16.90
Citrus, with herbal and delicate acacia notes. Refreshing and delicate with persistent mineral acidity.
By the glass
(125ml) £3.80
(175ml) £4.20
(250ml) £5.80

Pinot Grigio (Friuli Venezia Giulia) 13% £17.70
This Pinot Grigio presents itself with a pale-yellow colour, an intense perfume and a rich fruity taste.
By the glass
(125ml) £3.90
(175ml) £4.40
(250ml) £6.00

Chardonnay (Friuli Venezia Giulia) 13% £18.50
Elegant on the palate and extremely savoury, crisp, vibrant and dry.

Vermentino di Sardegna (Sardegna) 12% £20.90
Vermentino has a dry unoaked style with scents of lemons, apples and honeysuckle. It is light on the palate with juicy fruit flavours and a refreshing finish.

Sauvignon Blanc Colli Orientali Friuli (Friuli Venezia Giulia) 14% £21.90
An important wine with an intense and spicy bouquet of green peppers and sage.
By the glass
(125Ml) £4.75
(175ml) £5.65
(250ml)  £7.25

Gavi di Gavi (Piemonte) 12%  £22.90
A crisp wine with a straw-green colour, noted for its fruity persistent floral fragrance.

Verdicchio (Marche) 14% £24.90
The delicious Verdicchio typical of the Marche region has an intense fruity aroma. It is a pale straw coloured wine of good balance offering a subtle clean crisp flavours and aromas with hints of almonds, citrus and blossom.

Vini – Rossi

House Red Wine (Sicily) 12% £13.90

This is one of Italy’s most famous wines made from Montepulcian grapes grown in the Abruzzo region. This smooth and characterful wine is easy to drink wine with a plumy taste and colour. By the glass (125ml) £3.00 (175ml) £3.40 (250ml) £4.90

Syrah (sicily) 12% £18.50

Elegant and full bodied with an aroma of plum and spice. Soft and luscious on the palate with a super lingering finish

Merlot (Friuli Venevia Giulia) 13% £18.90

A soft wine of ruby-red colour and a rich, fruity bouquet, reflected in its well balanced flavour.

Gutturnio Classico (Emilia Romagna) 13% £19.90

From Colli Piacentini, this is the oldest, Noble red of this area. It’s a good blend of Barbera, Bondara and Croatina grapes with a deep purple colour and a long taste of fresh, red fruits. By the glass: (125ml) £4.10 (175ml) £4.90 (250ml) £6.80

Chianti Classico Gallo DOCG (Toscana) 13% £21.90

As soon as you sip this chianti you will recognise the pleasant scent of violets on the nose and mature fruits on the your palate. A real Tuscan flavour.

By the glass: (125ml) £4.40 (175ml) £5.30 (250ml) £7.20

Cannonau di Sardegna (Sardegna) 14% £22.90

Cannonau is a fresh, jammy red wine. It has a bright ruby colour with purple hues. The aromas project black cherry. Spicy on the palate with hints of coffee, liquorice and violets with oak overtones.

By the glass: (125ml) £4.70 (175ml) £5.60 (250ml) £7.95

Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique (Emilia Romagna) 13.5% £24.90

A soft wine of ruby-red colour and a rich, fruity bouquet, reflected in its well balanced flavour.

Bardolino Superiore DOCG (Veneto) 13.5% £24.90

A classic, elegant, quality wine, ruby red in colour, with the delicate scent and taste of mature plums

Susumaniello (Puglia) 13.5% £24.90

“loaded like a donkey”

Award winning wine from recently rediscovered indigenous grape variety Susumaniello. Rich and spicy with fresh notes of red fruit and pleasantly soft tannins. One of a kind! Try it with cheese or a meat platter and grilled meats.

By the glass (125ml) £5.10 (175ml) £6..30 (250ml) £8.70

Rosso di Montalcino (Tuscany) 14% £27.90

Made in Tuscany from the same grapes and area as Brunello of Montalcino, it has ruby red colour with purple overtones, a bouquet with hints of cherry and prunes and a full soft body with long lasting flavour

Barolo Neirano (Piemonte) 13.5% £36.90

Unquestionably, one of the finest and most prestigious wines of the world! The Nebbiolo grape gives the wine a great body, character and a rich, majestic style. Deep in colour, delicate floral aroma, with a vanilla note and full flavour.

Amarone Classico della Valpolicella DOC (Veneto) 15% £43.90

An immensely powerful deep red wine, inimitable wine with a myriad of olfactory sensations with a rich and persistent flavour.

Barocco Di Vittoria Classic Docg 13.5% £46.90

A well structured wine, ruby red in colour with fragrances of vanilla, blackberry, currant and strong tannins.

Vini Rosati

£16.40 House Rose (Puglia) 12% £16.40

Cerasuolo means ‘cherry red’. This wine has an intense deep pink colour with generous aromas of cherries, strawberries and wild flowers. It is medium bodied with layers of fresh fruit and a fresh lingering finish. By the glass: (125ml) £3.90 (175ml) £4.70 (250ml) £6.40

Erubesco Rose (Emilia Romagna) 12% £19.40

A lovely crisp, medium-sparkling rose, light in colour with a bouquet of soft summer fruits and a long finish. By the glass: (125ml) £4.00 (175ml) £4.80 (250ml) £6.60

Pinot Grigio Blush (Veneto) 13% £21.90

(125ml) £4.60 (175ml) £5.50 (250ml) £7.60


Prosecco DOCG Sparkling White (Valdobbiadene Veneto) 11.5% £24.90

Aromatic bouquet with hints of flowers and fruits and well balanced flavour, with a fine perlage. By the glass £4.90

Prosecco Rose (Valdobbiadene Veneto) 12% £25.90

This sparkling rose is made from Pinot Noir grapes, using the spumante method. Its colour and scents recall those of rose petals.

By the glass £4.90

House Champagne 12% £38.90

House Rose Champagne 12% £41.90

Bollinger 12% £55.00

Dom Perignon 12.5% £165.00

Draught Beers

Peroni 5.1% ½ pint £2.20 Pint £4.40

Moretti 4.8% ½ pint £2.20 Pint £4.40

South West Orchards Cider ½ pint £1.70 Pint £3.30

Worthington ½ pint £1.80 Pint £3.50

Spirits & Mixers

Spirit and Mixer Single £3.70

Spirit and Mixer Double £5.20

Pimms and Lemonade £4.90

Still/Sparkling Italian water 500ml £2.50

J20 £1.90 Pepsi £1.80

(Orange & Passionfruit, Apple & Mango or Apple & Raspberry) Diet Pepsi £1.80

Orange Juice £1.80 Tonic Water £1.80

Lemonade £1.80

Lemonade & Lime £1.80

Soda & Lime £0.90


Whiskey 25Ml

Bells 40% £2.90

Jack Daniels 40% £2.90

Jamesons 40% £3.50

Glenmorange 40% £4.50


Cognac & Brandy 25ml

Courvoisier 40% £3.50

Martell 40% £3.60

Vecchia Romagna 40% £3.60


Italian Grappa and Liqueurs 25ml

Grappa Rossini 40% £3.50

Grappa Amarone 41% £6.10

Grappa Chardonnay 45% £6.10

Grappa Gerwurtztraminer 41% £6.10

Amaretto Disaronno 28% £3.20

Amaro Averna 29% £3.20

Amaro Montenegro 23% £3.20

Lemoncello 28% £2.70

Sambuca 40% £3.20


Other Liquors and Spirits


Baileys 17% £4.20

Port (cockburns) 19% £4.20

Sherry (Harveys Bristol) 17.5% £4.20

Martini Extra dry 15% £3.90

Martini Bianco 15% £3.90

Martini Rosso 15% £3.90


Tia Maria 20% £3.20

Cointreau 40% £3.20

Tequila 40% £3.20

Captain Morgans Rum 40% £3.40

Bombay sapphire 40% £3.30

Gordons Gin 37.5% £3.30

Archers 18% £3.20

Pimms 25% £3.60

Pernod 40% £3.20