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A La Carte Menu

Food allergies and intolerances: Before ordering/booking please speak to our staff about your requirements.

Antipasti (Starter dishes)

Soup of the Day  £4.90
Prepared in house with only fresh ingredients, please ask for today’s choice.

Burratina la Nana  £8.40
Rocket salad with cherry tomatoes, red onions, parma ham, burratina, a buttered mozzarella served with crispy Italian bread (dribble a bit of olive oil on the bread for an enhanced taste).

Cozze Rossini  £8.20
Fresh mussels in a tomato, garlic and chilli sauce.

Capesante Gratinate  £8.90
King scallops pan fried with butter and garlic, a splash of wine, touch of cream, oven baked gratin and breadcrumbs.

Antipasto Franco  £7.90
A selection of mixed Italian cured meats served with sun dried tomatoes, juicy olives, mozzarella and pane carasau, a very thin crispy Sardinian bread.

Calamari Fritti  £7.90
Squid rings lightly coated in flour and deep fried, served with the chef’s special tartar sauce made in- house.

Funghi Ripieni (v)  £7.40  
A large flat mushroom stuffed with a red pepper, onion and dolce latte; a creamy blue cheese filling baked in the oven with mozzarella and bread crumbs.

Gamberoni Zafferano  £8.90
Pan fried king prawns in a concasse of tomato with chilli, garlic, a splash of wine and a hint of saffron infused cream.

Broccoli alla Davide(v)  £6.90
Broccoli cooked with a hint of garlic, goats cheese, finished with a squeeze touch of red wine.

Bruschetta Genovese (v)  £7.50
Toasted bread topped with concasse of tomato, mozzarella, red onions and pesto made with garlic, basil and pine nuts. Served cold. Contains nuts

Peperoni alla Parmigiana (v)  £7.20
Portion of roast peppers stuffed with layers of aubergine cooked in a tomato Napoli sauce with a duo of parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

We do not add a service charge at Rossini. We believe our outstanding service speaks for itself. All tips and gratuities are gratefully received and go directly to our staff.

Le Paste (Pasta dishes)

  • All pasta and risotto dishes also available as starters, see prices £StarterMain

Lasagna  £5.40/£8.40
This classic Italian dish is always a favourite, and homemade by our passionate chefs.

Tagliatelle Cinghiale  £8.90/£11.90
Tagliatelle pasta ribbons in a tomato ragù with chunks of wild boar, marinated for three days before being slowly cooked for 24 hours leaving the meat tender and flavoursome.

Tagliatelle Tricolore (v)  £7.40/£10.40
Tagliatelle pasta ribbons cooked in a concasse of tomato, goats cheese and spinach with a touch of cream.

Spaghetti alla Norma (v)  £4.95/£7.90
Spaghetti, sautéed aubergine tossed with tomato sauce, a hint of basil and topped with salty ricotta.

Spaghetti ai Frutti di Mare  £7.90/£10.90
Spaghetti with a selection of fresh seafood cooked in garlic, white wine and a touch of chilli all in a delicious tomato sauce.

Tagliatelle al Ragù D’Agnello  £8.90/£11.90
Ribbons of pasta cooked in a Rossini recipe with Italian spices and pieces of succulent lamb.

Penne Don Matteo  £6.90/£9.90
Penne pasta cooked in a delicious sauce of garlic, mushroom, chillies, chicken, peas with a touch of cream

Penne al Ragù di Salsiccia  £6.90/£9.90
Penne pasta with garlic, chilli, fennel seeds, sausage, white wine cooked in tomato sauce with a touch of cream

Raviolacci al Branzino  £8.90/£11.90
Raviolacci pasta stuffed with sea bass served with mussels, prawns, scallops and sundried tomatoes in a white wine sauce

Risotto allo Zafferano  £7.90/£10.90
Risotto rice with pieces of fresh chicken, petit pois, a hint of saffron and delicately seasoned

Risotto Seppie e Piselli  £7.90/£10.90
Risotto cooked with the chef’s pieces of cuttlefish, peas, fresh tomato and a white wine sauce

I Pesci (Fish dishes)

Spiedino Mare e Monti  £18.90
Skewers of Monkfish wrapped in pancetta, scallops wrapped in Parma ham, with and onions, char grilled and drizzled with a lemon dressing.

Salmone alla Fiorentina  £17.90
Fillet of salmon gently pan fried with spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and prawns in a velvety cream sauce.

Fritto Misto  £18.90
A selection of scallops, prawns, king prawns and calamari deep fried in a flour based coating, served with our homemade tartar sauce.

Spigola al Cartoccio  £18.90
Fillets of sea bass served with prawns, mussels, a touch of garlic and Italian herbs, seasoned with salt and black pepper wrapped in oven paper and gently baked.

Merluzzo la Scogliera  £17.90
Fresh cod fillet gently cooked with cherry tomatoes, spring onions, a splash of Vernaccia white wine and a touch of lobster bisque for an exquisite but delicate sauce. Served with a selection of fresh seafood scallops, prawns and mussels.

Le Carni (Meat dishes)

  • All meat and fish dishes are served with roasted vegetables
  • All meat weights are uncooked

Pollo Piccante  £14.90
Butterfly chicken breast pan fried in a rich spicy tomato sauce made with chilli, garlic, a touch of saffron, and a splash of white wine topped with roasted peppers, capers and olives.

Pollo Parmigiano  £14.90
Butterfly chicken breast pan fried in a tomato velouté, topped with aubergines and melted Parmesan cheese to finish.

Pollo al Marsala  £14.90
Butterfly chicken breast pan fried with onions and peas cooked in marsala wine (sweet wine).  Served with a delicate creamy sauce.

Stinco di Agnello  £18.90
A succulent shank of lamb roasted gently in the oven and served on a bed of creamy mashed potato, finished with a rosemary sauce.

Filetto Cannonau  £20.90
8oz juicy fillet steak cooked to your liking topped with melted mozzarella served in a rich Cannonau Sardinian sauce.

Medaglioni al Funghi Porcini  £19.90
Medallions of fresh beef fillet chargrilled to your liking then smothered in a rich demiglace of porcini mushrooms and a touch of cream.

Stracciette Don Nico  £18.90
Strips of fresh beef fillet cooked with mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, a dash of mustard, hint of rosemary, and a touch of cream.

Filetto Dolcelatte  £20.90
Our popular dish of 8oz chargrilled fillet steak topped with Italian dolce latte blue cheese, with demiglace and blue cheese sauce.

Filetto Mare e Monti  £26.90
8oz beef fillet steak served on a bed of scallops, topped with a king prawn and finished with the chef’s special surf and turf sauce.

Le Pizze (Pizza dishes)

9” Garlic Bread Pizza (v)  £5.90
Tomato and mozzarella base with garlic.

Pizza della Casa  £11.90
Mozzarella and tomato base with sausage, mascarpone cheese and chilli.

Pizza Carbonara  £10.90
Mozzarella and tomato base topped with carbonara, pancetta, onions, parmesan and egg with a touch of cream.

Pizza Quattro Formaggi (v)  £10.90
Mozzarella and tomato base topped with four different Italian cheeses.

Margherita (v)  £8.90
Classic mozzarella and tomato.

Del Contadino  £12.90
Mozzarella and tomato base with pepperoni, Italian ham, chicken and mushrooms.

Calzone Roberto  £14.40
Folded pizza for a real meat lover. Pepperoni, Italian ham, chicken and sausage with added mushrooms and mozzarella topped with a tomato and minced beef Bolognese.

Calzone Vegetariono (v)  £13.40
Folded pizza with mozzarella, peppers, aubergine, mushrooms, spinach topped with tomato sauce.

Contorni (Side dishes)

Green Salad  £3.20

Garlic bread with cheese, tomatoes and topped with oregano  £2.70

Tomato/Onion Salad  £2.70

Mixed Salad  £3.20

French Fries  £2.90

Sautee Potatoes  £3.20

Spinach  £3.20